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The history of automobiles is incredibly extensive. With each passing year, legendary vehicles are produced. At the same time, other legendary vehicles end their production runs. These legends are aptly called “classics”, and for some enthusiasts, these cars represent the holy grail of their motoring life. One of the challenges of getting classic cars is the restoration process. A lot of people like to take on restoration processes themselves, as it gets them more involved with their cars. For these people, buying unrestored classic cars for sale makes a ton of sense.

When buying a classic car, there are multiple choices available for car enthusiasts. The first option is to buy an already-restored car or at least something that’s in almost-perfect condition. While going for this route of getting a classic car is great and practical, it can also be a “boring” for some and is definitely expensive. The second option is to actually build a classic car from scratch. There are so many cars around America that’s begging for a restoration project. Why exactly is building an unrestored car appealing to most people? In no particular order, here are some of the reasons.

1. Cost- While the price for acquiring a classic car largely depends on the car itself and its characteristics (ex.: demand, rarity, value), getting unrestored classic cars for sale is actually much cheaper than getting an already-restored one. Depending on the condition of the car in question, the going price can range from 10-70% of the actual value of a fully restored model. One thing that ratchets up the price of completed cars is the effort in building them. So by waiving that off, there’s the potential of saving extra bucks (and earning some more if you sell them after restoration).

2. Challenge- More than just saving a few bucks and possibly earning it, a lot of people are in the market for unrestored classic cars is because it presents a unique challenge for them. Each car has its unique story to tell. These stories are unique to each car, and can be uncovered once more by reviving these vehicles in their original glory. For a lot of car restorers, it’s the journey towards restoring the car that’s fulfilling, with the chance of driving it once more being the icing on the cake. Rebuilding a car is a challenge, and the most hardcore of car enthusiasts are more than willing to embrace this challenge.

1962 Impala Unrestored

1962 Impala Unrestored

Locating unrestored classic cars for sale is actually very simple. You can take a look at classified ads both printed and online for listings. You can also look at classic car magazines (especially magazines that cover your favorite makes and models) to see what’s on sale near you. You can also ask people you know if they’ve seen the car you’ve been searching for. Taking note of the ad details (photos, description), combined with a personal inspection, will give you an idea how much work the car needs, if it’s workable to begin with. After considering all options, it’s up to you to choose which car to pick or if you’ll stay put and look for better options.

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